Clipping Path

A Clipping path or we can say deep etch is basically a closed vector path, or shape. It is a part of photoshop where you can create a vector shape using paths, tracing over the top of a photograph, used to cut out a 2D image. After the clipping path is applied, anything inside the path will be included in it and anythingh outside the path will be omitted from the output. Morevor, a Clipping mask is an object whose masks oter artwork so that only areas that lie within the shape are visible-in effect, clipping the artwork to the shape of the mask. Clipping set is the clipping mask and the objects that are masked.Clipping path is mainly used to remove image's background, allowing the usage of its key image for varied purposes. 

Simple clipping path- Projects that involve clipping simple images (with smooth, straight edges) come under simple clipping path jobs.

Complex clipping path- A lot of time is taken to make clipping path on images with multiple curves, edges and uneven surfaces. A good example of complex clipping path requirements are Flowers and jwellery.

Clipping path with shadow- Shadows give a more realistic look to the clipped images. We can add a natural drop shadow to your images irrespective of whether the original ones have it or not.

Clipping path with reflection- Addition of smart mirror-like reflection to the key image or subject to give a nice three dimensional look.

Clipping Path vs Image masking

Most of the people get confused in both the terms but both are very useful image-editing techniques that can help you isolate a subject from a background. The way you isolate the subject is the main difference btweeen clipping path and image masking.

When we talk about Clipping path then it is the photoshop technique which is used with Pen Tool to remove the background from an image. It is used when the subject of the image has sharp,smooth edges.This allows the clipping path to stay straight.

The Technique use to remove the background from an image is the general difference between clipping path and image masking. Image masking is done on more complex image and technically possible to remove the background from complex images with clipping path, but the result isn’t always as appealing as it would’ve been with image masking.

Benefits of Clipping path Services

The technique of image clipping involves the procedure of altering the background of an image thereby ensuring the quality of the picture.  Clipping path techniques is used in many fields like advertising agencies, publishing companies, e-commerce websites, photography, etc. Biggest Benefits offered by this service in many sectors are described in detail below.


Due to the online-based nature of such businesses, E-commerce heavily relies on clipping path service. To enhance the quality of the image, one can totally rely on the image clippping and product photo editing technique. Thereby making it worthy of online presentation is imperative.

The clipped images of different products are used in business-to-business communication, business to consumer communication, consumer-to-consumer relation and other e-commerce business sector.


In any website, the clipped images form a significant portion of the layout. This is particularly visible in online retail websites, as most of them require heavy use of images for conveying the products to the customers.

Image clipping forms an important part In the web development sector. The clipped images are used in many of the aspects related to web development like the visual content, blog pages, etc.


Direct Services are given to the seller using online retail services and shops. The image plays a huge role in presenting the product in the best possible way to the customer and in persuading them.  That is why every such web based retail and shopping site uses the clipping path service effectively.


Photography studios remain the other major users of image clipping services. Since photographers have to look into the needs of both individual and corporate needs, clipping path services are absolutely needed in order to guarantee the quality of the image and free it of any imperfections.


The services of Clipping path is widely employed in all the publishing industry like books, newspaper, magazines, and photo publishing. The various images utilized for the printing needs careful image clipping to ensure the quality of the images prior to publishing.

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Clipping Path Services Provide by RM star Retouching Services


Website Image Optimization is used for e-commerce sites. This is due to the strict requirements regarding the product images that are used in e-commerce platforms. By properly adhering to these requirements, the images will be correctly optimized that makes them ideal for presenting on the web. There are many e-commerce platforms which require product images with specific size, format, and superior quality.


Clipping path is a technique used in professional image editing. A closed vector path is used for selectively keeping specific portions of the image and discarding the rest. This technique to offer an aesthetic appeal to the imag and will help in the generation of shadows to a clipped path image thereby passing on lifelike and dimensional quality to the image.


It is a closed vector shape commonly used in e-commerce image editing software applications and tools for the sole purpose of selectively cutting out specific parts of the 2D image and discarding the rest portions. E-commerce retailers will certainly fall in love with clipping path services who are in pursuit of a photo editing technique that transforms their product images into elegant ones.


The original reflections produced by a mirror or glass & also known as the mirror effect it is a major process undertaken in e-commerce clipping path service. It tends to produce the results in a graphical manner and provides an illusion of shadow and three-dimensional depth to the object. The use of clipping path with reflection shadows will lend the image a truly appealing look that can quickly grab the attention of anyone unlike the normal ones.


Several e-commerce retailers seek the help of photo editing techniques to make their garment images look more realistic and creative. Photographing images of apparels on the magic mannequin will bring a professional touch and make they appear real and flawless. However, you have to remove the mannequin from the final image before posting them on your e-commerce or official website.


This is the term which is associated with clothing industry entrepreneurs because it remains one of the most popular product photo editing technique offered by various photo editing companies. It is true that even professional photographers encounter a few challenges when they are capturing images of garments or apparels, which is the major reason why they seek the assistance with experienced neck joint service providers like us.