Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequin is also known as invisible mannequin which is commonly used by brands and retailers to give their products a 3D, Hollow man effect. Invisible mannequin photography is particularly useful for things like blazers, jeans, jackets and shirts to help customers more easily imagine themselves wearing that particular garment.

What are the benefits of Ghost Mannequin photography?

If you are a business owner running an online fashion store, then you will be able to understand the need to use high quality images on your online stores and on your business website. It is a given that high-quality attractive images of your products have the unique ability to attract more visitors to your website. However, using attractive images will not only help you to attract more visitors to your website, but also help you to generate additional revenue from the returning visitors.

A number of online apparel store owners use the amazing photo editing technique called ghost mannequin on their shopping websites these days. They do this in order to catch the attention of buyers and to maximize the profits of their business.

Professional photo editors invest a quality amount of their time to convert your ordinary digital images into invisible mannequin images. As this is one of the most difficult photo editing processes, it must be performed very carefully. This is the reason why many fashion store businesses seek the help of professional photo editing companies rather than performing the task on their own.

Photo editors who perform ghost mannequin photo editing work will have an in-depth knowledge of different photo editing tools to be used in the process, and they will give proper attention to detail on your digital images. Using an accurate set of photo editing tools and performing the process efficiently will make your products look a lot more appealing to the internet users.

How does it work?

A mannequin is also known as dress form, lay figure, dummy, or manikin in the jewelry and clothing market. Online fashion stores use this strategy to sell their products in an elegant manner. They will also remove the spots and other imperfections from your dummy images to make it look a lot more elegant.

Hiring an image editing team specialized in photo enhancement and ghost mannequin photo manipulation services will bring numerous benefits to your online business store. The competence and experience of photo editors will help you make more profit for your online store for sure. Some of the most popular ghost mannequin photos editing services offered by photo editors include:

  • Enhancing the color of the clothes;
  • Combining the front and back garment;
  • Adjusting the white balance and coloring;
  • Modifying or removing the background;
  • Highlighting texture, fit, and style;
  • Removing the mannequin; and
  • Fine-tuning brightness and contrast.

How Ghost Mannequin is useful in product photography?

  • Makes the product clear – The simple Image gets enhanced after removing the mannequin from the background. It gives a clearer view of the garment and helps customers look at the product from different angles.

  • Removes unappealing views – At times a garment being worn by a mannequin might not be too appealing. For example, the chest height might not be properly adjusted thus dissuading customers from buying the product. Removing the mannequin completely would yield better results.

  • Puts complete focus on the product – An online shopper is only interested on what is being sold which means mannequins are just distraction to eyes of a customer. Customer is totally interested in the thing being sold instead of other unnecessary background images. Ghost mannequin feature allows customers to aim at the product and avoid getting confused.

  • Allows different views of the product– It allows customers to get different views of the same garment after removing the mannequin. Top view, bottom view, inside view, side view and overall view is possible when there is no mannequin attached to the product.

  • Reduces the total cost– When you use a model to showcase a product, the budget gets doubled. It is not only the product manufacturing cost, but you need to keep in mind the model’s cost as well. Ghost mannequin service is used by online retailers and pay just half the price and thus save money.

  • Saves time– Models take a lot of time right from getting ready for a photo-shoot to changing to a new dress. This not only becomes time consuming, but the shoot goes on for days, sometimes even weeks. Instead, if you use ghost mannequin service, you will save time and display more items on the same platform.

Why choose ghost mannequin services from RM Star Retouching?

RM Star Retouching offers professional fashion ghost mannequin photo editing and retouching services. Many Online apparel stores and fashion brands have been employing our mannequin image editing and background removal services to galvanize their sales process. We pride ourselves on the quality of work we produce, coupled with our personalized customer services. Our natural and tempting ghost mannequin images make us the market leaders in lay figure or dress form photo editing.

Our clients have a definite competitive edge and the representation of the clothing lines employing ghost mannequins, our clients have a definite competitive edge. You can have a quick glance at our latest ghost photo manipulation and mannequin product editing work on the site.

Specialized Area in Mannequin Product Image Enhancement and Cutout

Our editors are specialized in diverse ghost mannequin product image editing and cutout techniques:

  • We dexterously edit garment shots taken on transparent or see through mannequins to show your products off to their best capability. This can, at times, be complex, on account of the glare of the light conflicting with the transparent nature of the material, consequently disturbing the overall quality of the image.

  • Photo editing for apparels exhibited on wire mannequins, which requires substantial amount of time and efforts to edit each photograph.

  • Captured Photos on a bog-standard mannequin can be edited clearly. As a retouching company we are totally experienced and skilled at merging two images, one showcasing the garment from the front and the other turned inside out to display the brand label, giving your prospective buyers a holistic idea of the clothing piece.

  • Help in Enhancing your high-end dresses captured using the 3D floating method, elegantly presenting each outfit with maximum details and in its exact colors.