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Our real estate photo editing services are appropriately designed to help realtors and real estate photographers get professional versions of property image.

Real state photo editing services are of the key offerings of RM retouching services. We perform high quality property photo editing to help professional in the real estate domain to boost their business. At RM retouching services, we have a team of expert realty photo editors who are adept at using various image retouching techniques to produce exceptional outcomes and create long lasting impacts on your prospects and build stronger marketing campaigns.

Our editors are excellent in their job to create long-lasting impacts on your prospects by building stronger marketing campaigns and property websites for your business. By using our real estate editing service, you will get to leverage the expertise of real estate photo editors who have years of experience in making photos of properties look amazing.

All about Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography is a genre of commercial photography that can be quite lucrative, especially for photographers who live away from major cities or business centres. Commercial photography jobs usually require you to be near major commercial centres where you can get in touch with companies and business owners.

These are some of the most common and basic equipment that real estate photographers use:

  • Full-frame digital camera
    For real state photography, a full-frame cameras are the best choice as they can shoot large spaces and produce the highest quality images. Rather than just megapixels, focus on the sensor size of the camera which would give you better quality real estate images even under low light conditions. There are a lot of good quality cameras out there but even so, it is important to do your research and select a camera that is best for your needs.

  • Wide-angle lens
    It is quite often that people in photography tell you Most that a wide-angle lens is the best lens for real estate photography, but it is actually a full frame sensor camera, it is advisable to use a wide-angle lens of around 16-35 mm.
    Always keep in mind that you do not misrepresent the property or remove permanent, unsightly objects. You should always focus in taking real estate pictures that represent the property in an aesthetic, appealing, and authentic manner.

  • Tripod
    Using a tripod naturally results in sharper images and steadiness for slower shutter speeds. It helps in maintaining a horizontal plane and get clean, vertical lines. Experiment with different heights using your tripod - the view change quite a lot at different heights. Pick the best angle after experimenting with different heights (above the head level, eye level, chest level, table level). If you are planning to shoot bracketed images for post-processing blending, it's essential to photograph using a tripod.

  • Remote trigger
    Remote triggers let you trigger the camera to take a shot without even touching the camera. The reason why this is important may not seem obvious at first, but remote triggers eliminate camera shakes that can lead to blurry photos or loss of detail. This is especially the case with real estate photography that often uses extremely low shutter speeds. At these speeds, even slightly touching the camera to trigger the shot can lead to camera shakes and unfocused photographs.

  • Flash & flash trigger
    Natural light is not always enough or better when it comes to real estate photography. Keep in mind that not all areas of a property are equally well lit in most cases. It happens that people like their bathroom or hallways dark and you might find the living space to be flooded with a good amount of natural light.
    That is why, we always recommend to keep a flash in hand. Having a flash trigger alongside your flash is also a good idea because it allows you to position both your flash and your camera in the most appropriate position and then remotely trigger them both without having to deal with any complicated logistic issues.

  • Light stands
    If you are using flash, it only makes sense to have light stands. After all, you need something to mount your flash and other lights on. While lightweight stands work well for flashguns or strobes, if you are using larger moonlights a C-stand will be much sturdier and more reliable.

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